Acclaimed children’s author says libraries are vital for good mental health

AH Proctor, author of the Thumble Tumble adventure book series.This World Mental Health Day 2019, acclaimed Children’s author AH Proctor is using the power of her spellbinding Thumble Tumble book series, which features in VisitScotland’s National Storybook trail, to remind people of the vital importance of libraries for wellbeing, mental health and bringing communities together. Leading Clinical Phsychologist, Dr Emma Ducklin, is supporting AH Proctor’s call to protect Scotland’s libraries.

Speaking of the importance of libraries for mental health, AH Proctor said: “Libraries are absolutely vital to to supporting the Scottish Government’s priority to improve mental health – one of the major public health challenges in Scotland today. There really is nowhere else like libraries offering the peace, tranquility and the ability for absolutely everyone to be transported to magical worlds through the power of books.”

“To support Scotland’s libraries, I have been working with some of Scotland’s most extraordinary librarians to hide some magical tokens within Thumble Tumble books in libraries across Scotland throughout National Libraries Week (from 8 to 13 October). The first children who find them will receive a real Scoffalicious chocolate bar fresh from the pages of the Thumble Tumble books. I will also donate a total of 150 Thumble Tumble Books and make personal appearance in libraries throughout Glasgow and Ayrshire that same week.”

Echoing the findings of research which has shown that the health benefits of using libraries saves the NHS just under £30 million a year, Dr Emma Ducklin, Clinical Psychologist and owner of Engage Psychology added:

“It’s fantastic that AH Proctor is using her magical Thumble Tumble stories to support Scotland’s libraries. Libraries serve a vital function as both a community hub and a safe, calm place for people from all walks of life to go to. Feeling part of the local community is important for people’s emotional wellbeing and libraries have a crucial part to play in this.

“Often, when I am seeing someone for therapy, I check how much social support they have available to them – this is essential for good mental health and building it up can often be an aim of the therapy process. With their relaxing, neutral environments and a variety of free services and groups, libraries provide a unique and important lifeline to help people access this support. For this same reason, libraries are often selected by professionals to host various mental health initiatives. Libraries support the mental health and wellbeing of entire communities, for people of all ages and backgrounds – they must be protected and nurtured to ensure the continued wellbeing of our communities.”

Throughout National Libraries Week (8 to 13 October), AH Proctor, whose books follow the adventures of an extraordinary little witch on the enchanting Isle of Arran, will work with over 50 libraries to deliver a series of personal appearances and exclusive Thumble Tumble giveaways (including 150 books and 50 Scoffalicous chocolate bars) that encourage more people to visit their local libraries.

The parents and carers of those who find the magical Thumble Tumble tokens are encouraged to share their finds on the Thumble Tumble Facebook page or by tagging in AH Proctor’s Twitter account with the hashtags #LibraryWeek #LibraryMagic

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